Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ready to Quilt

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about my friend Lee who passed away a couple of days after asking me to finish 2 quilts she'd started, one for her niece Caitlin, which was my last post, and one for her daughter, Elizabeth. Lee had finished the center part of this sampler and had included a dozen or so fabrics in a neat bundle, including enough for the back. I chose this peach-colored first border and a piano key outer border to enlarge it to the queen-sized quilt she'd planned for. Another of Lee's friends and I will be quilting it later in the week.

It's amazing how I felt Lee's presence while working on this quilt. I felt her smiling, as she always did, and encouraging me. I also thought of how Elizabeth will think of her mom every time she sleeps under it. The fact that it was so important to Lee to get these quilt finished will make Elizabeth and Caitlin realize just how special they were to her.

--On another note: for those of you who live in MA, ME or NH, if you have a favorite quilt shop you'd like to tell me about, I'm vacationing there in mid-September and will need my quilt shop fix! We're traveling from Cape Cod through Boston and up to Camden ME. Then over to Lincoln NH then down to Manchester. Thanks in advance--