Monday, July 9, 2012

Make A Block

Every year for the past several years at our local County Fair, our quilt guild has hosted a quilt block contest. Our guild is in charge of the "Home Arts" building at the fair and we design it and set up in a very attractive way, all the quilts, jellies, pies, clothing, beadwork, and all the other hand-work and food that is entered in your typical county fair. The block contest rules are: make a 12" finished block created with the theme of the fair. This year's theme is "Summer Fun". This is my entry--Sunbonnet Sue at the Seashore. (yes, she does have feet but they're very close to the same color as the 'sand' fabric. It looks better in person. . . .)

What happens to the blocks that are created and entered? Well, first you need to know that the makers don't get them back. They are made into a quilt that at the following year's fair, is raffled off with the proceeds going to pay for the room where we have our quilt show--which is at the fairgrounds! Nicely symbiotic, don't you think?

And, there are monetary prizes for these block entries! Starting at $35 for 1st place and going down by $5 through 6th place--you BET we get a lot of entries! And the quilts we make with these blocks are fantastic!