Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another quilt completed!

There is no better feeling than finishing a quilt! Do you agree? This quilt started as a mystery class in January. The 6 blocks in this quilt use an identical pattern but because I scrapped it out, they all look different.

Besides Judy's UFO Challenge, I'm also in a UFO Challenge with my quilt guild. This is my UFO #7 which was the number drawn 2 months ago (we have 2 months to finish in our guild's rules).  YAY, another UFO bites the dust!

I used Maywood Studios Wild Rose line and just love it. This photo doesn't do it justice though. There's butter yellow and 2 different pinks among the greens and floral black and white. I felt it would look adorable with a wavy edge and am so glad I took the time to measure (with Eleanor Burns' easy scallop tool) and cut it that way.

I plan to work on the UFO from Judy's blog this week--my brocade jacket. Hope I can make it by the 31st!

And speaking of Judy's blog, take a look at all the other Design Walls she has posted there!