Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Quilt Finished!

Is there any better feeling than finishing a quilt? My daughter's wonderful friend is expecting her third child next month. I made quilts for her first two and she says they won't go to sleep without them. Well, how can I NOT make one for baby III? I took a panel meant to be made into a book with Mother Goose rhymes, cut them out and inserted pinwheels for the sashing. Of course, a plush Minkee is on the back--nothing else will do for a baby quilt!

I'm a member of a 7-quilter group who has decided to do a Row Robin. This is the first of the rows and  I wanted mine to be a summery, bright one. Each of us will pass our row, every other month, to another person in the group until we have 7 rows that we will then, each put together as we wish.

So what did YOU make this week? Check out everyone's beautiful design walls on Judy's blog.