Monday, May 16, 2011

Ferris Wheel for DWM

Isn't this a cute block? It's called Ferris Wheel and I fell in love with it several years ago. I made 24 blocks then, probably, some other project beckoned and I put them and all their parts and pieces in a box on a shelf. You've done that before, right? Well, I found it the other say and decided to work on it again--I'm obviously in a 30s frame of mind lately.

Decided I needed to make 15 more blocks for a 7 x 9 layout. It's a tricky little block to put together and since I made the 6" version rather than the 12" version, it was pretty tedious but worth it!

I plan to put white sashing with 30s cornerstones in all different colors then do some applique treatment on the borders and probably have a wavy or scalloped border. It would make a darling baby quilt that way, wouldn't it? Perhaps for a future grandchild? (I understand from my 25 y/o daughter that I won't have to wait more than a couple of years. . !)

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