Monday, September 3, 2012

Almost Finished!

I love to start projects. I'll see a something fun in a magazine, find a great pattern in a local quilt shop, get inspired at a quilt show and *POOF* will run into my sewing room with its gargantuan stash and dig in. I didn't count but I'll bet I started 5 projects in the last 2 weeks--I'm hopeless.

But this week--I almost finished this quilt!! I only have the binding to sew on! The blocks in this quilt are those I won when I attended Linda Ballard's McCloud, CA retreat in June. All attendees were urged to make a 10" "batik and white" block and 25 of us complied. Since there were so many, Linda pulled 2 tickets and I won half of the blocks, plenty to create a nice quilt to donate the next time someone asks for "one of your pretty quilts for our silent auction".

Since I figured I got the blocks with very little effort, I spent a lot of time on the quilting of this quilt and I really love the way it turned out! I just quilt on my domestic Janome 6600 which I bought 4 years ago because it had a nice, large 'neck' so I could quilt larger quilts. LOVE IT!

I worked on a couple of other projects too:  made a cute little case for the new camera I bought last week! Bobo is our kitty who knows I'll be using said camera to take lots of photos of HIM. Can you blame me--he's so adorable!

See, I just can't stop starting new projects!

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