Friday, April 1, 2011


Three for three! I've finished my 3rd UFO Challenge project in as many months! If you know me, this is totally unexpected! I'm the one with 2 stacks
of finished tops never to be heard from again! Yet,
Judy's encouragement has some sort of magic effect on me and I'm actually finishing projects!

I loved this quilt top, begun in 2008 at a "Strip Club" (tee-hee) in Sacramento. Why didn't I finish it? Same reason as always: I hate to pin! Love to piece, love to quilt, love to hand stitch binding, hate to pin! And another thing I did that is astonishing: I marked this quilt before I quilted it! I don't like to mark (takes too much time for a peddle-to-the-metal quilter like me--that, and the fact that I've always had trouble "coloring inside the lines") so I'd rather just wing it with free-motion quilting. Here's a little detail of my "fancy" quilting for this quilt though:

Once again, thanks to Judy for the support! (Peer pressure from the other fabulous quilters on Judy's blog doesn't hurt either!)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Designs Galore!

I've had quite a bit of time to quilt this week! With all the rain we've had (over double normal for the month of March and there's lots of flooding) I'd rather be in than out so it's been perfect.

I did some hand-applique on my DH's Civil War quilt borders. . .

I also started another hand-applique project:

They're not sewn down yet but the freezer paper/starch method I love has them all ready to be.

And this beautiful stack of Civil War fabric (took me a while but I'm hooked on the colors and 'flavor' of it) are for a June Mystery Retreat my quilting buddies and I will be going to.

Check out what everyone else has on THEIR design walls over at Judy's Blog.