Sunday, December 25, 2011

Speedy Tricks

 My quilting buddies know I'm a speedy sewer and it's because I organize the steps of each project for maximum output. For Orca Bay step #6, I didn't stop to set up each block before I sewed, I started with one center (in my case green) and chain sewed a quarter square to it 28 times.

Without cutting the strings, I brought the whole chain to the ironing board--so much easier than moving one piece at a time!
I press them open THEN cut them apart. Back to the sewing machine to sew the other quarter square to this row then over to the ironing board again with the whole string to press then cut apart. Viola--one row done!
I did the same thing for the other two rows in the block and it saves so much time because I handle the whole lot of them at once instead of picking up one piece then another then another. A great time-saver.

Here are my dark blocks . . .

. . . and my dark and light together. 4 1/2 hours for all of them.

I would be happy with Bonnie's quilt just like this!!

Total time on all 6 clues: 39 hours 40 minutes.