Monday, August 2, 2010

Design Table Monday

In a couple of hours, I'm attending a "Celebration of Life" at our local arboretum for my dear friend, Lee who passed away last week after asking me to finish her 2 quilts for her daughter and niece. I haven't been in a particularly productive mood for a couple of days and have been moping around just being sad.

Lee's unfinished heart blocks which were on my wall last week are on my cutting table at the moment. I found out that this was to be a "mended hearts" quilt and had to change my idea about how Lee wanted the quilt to go together. (I wondered why she had a pile of 8 1/2" squares of batting cut along with a pile of red and black polka dot squares 8 1/2" squares).

Never having put together a quilt like this, I found a description of it online (what CAN'T you get online!) and am in the process of sewing different decorative stitches in bright colors across each sandwiched block--polka dot back, batting and heart top square.

Once that is done, you stack a light background block with a dark background block and slice them any which way, then zig-zag them together so one side is dark and one light. It's a "quilt-as-you-go" process so when you get done zig-zagging the rows together, all you do is bind it and you're done.

I'm sure after tonight's memorial, I'll have the spirit I need to get going a little faster on this wonderful quilt.