Saturday, January 8, 2011

My First Stash Report

    The Stash Report on Judy's blog always intimidated me and I never posted. When I read the last Stash Report post of the year and saw that some people had purchased hundreds of yards of fabric (and USED hundreds of yards of fabric), I decided i needed to see what my totals were. (I'm secretly trying to convince my husband that I really don't buy THAT much fabric!) I'm desperate to lighten up the stash I've been accumulating for 15 years so I'm going to be good and buy fabric only when I absolutely HAVE to. Judy's stash report is going to help me do just that!
    And so, here is my first post of totals:
    Yardage purchased this week: 4.25
    Yardage purchased year to date: 4.25
    Yardage used this week: 11.5
    Yardage used year to date: 11.5
    Net used 2011: 7.25

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Design Wall/UFO Challenge in ONE!

This photo will have to do for my "design wall" because I blew a fuse while sewing on my UFO Challenge #6. It was cold and I turned on the space heater while my iron was on--CHeeze! (This photo was taken in a totally dark room.)!

This is a top I completed in a mystery class last summer. It was supposed to be a Christmas quilt but really didn't look Christmas-y when I got done. I bought 'chili pepper' fabric for borders but didn't like that either. SOOO, I was 'forced' to go out today and buy fabric for a border--right??! You see that little black area under the presser foot? That's a 1" black 1st border before the final border. I needed 'something' to differentiate between the main body of the quilt and the 6" border I plan to put on. When in doubt, use black!

Did I mention how proud of myself I am for starting my #6 UFO at the beginning of the month its due! I'm serious about lightening my UFO stack!

What's on YOUR design wall?

My very first Stash Report

I've never posted a stash report because, frankly, I didn't want to know how much fabric I was buying and using! I like Judy's rules though: don't have to know how much is in your stash, clean slate for the start of the year, etc.

But wouldn't you now, I had to go to the quilt shop today to buy border fabric for the UFO Challenge #6 I signed up for, also on Judy's blog! See, I made this top last summer at a mystery retreat. I wanted it to be a Christmas quilt but it ended up not looking like one. So I bought chili pepper fabric. But I didn't like that (and put it on the back of another quilt!) The stash report below reflects my purchase today for said borders and the amount I'll be using for them . . . after I get my husband to flip the breaker in my sewing room: It's been so cold, I ran the space heater and the iron at the same time and KA-blooee!

Used this week: 1 yard
Used year to date: 1 yard
Added this week: 2 1/4 yards (I don't like pieced borders)
Added year to date: 2 1/4 yards