Monday, July 4, 2011

Traveling Orders

I am about to embark on my first cruise--to Alaska! Perfect time of year for someone living in the hot central valley of California. Of course, I needed to prepare some hand-work for the trip so I'm bringing these 15, 10" blocks to hand-applique. These have been prepared in the freezer paper and starch method and have been glue-basted down in just a few places--ready to go.

 It's an old pattern, from 2002 I think, by Piece O'Cake designs. I was the high bidder on the entire kit of this quilt at a Breast Cancer Auction last month. LOTS of fabric and LOTS of work but it will be wonderful when it's done.
Of course this means I will miss next week's DWM on Judy's blog as I'll be at sea and I'm not going to bring my computer with me!! I don't know if I'll survive but I'm going to take this vacation seriously and just enjoy. And yes, of course I have researched all the quilt shops in the ports where the ship docks. I won't miss a one!!