Monday, February 6, 2012

Selvage Bag

Do you save selvages from your fabric? I heard quilters were saving them to make pincushions and small zippered bags so I started doing so about a year ago. When I was at the fabulous Road 2 California quilt show last month, I saw a woman carrying a great bag made of selvages and decided I had to make one!

I found a pattern I really loved and some bright Alexander Henry stripe-y fabric (to go in the opposite direction of my selvages) and started making it right away. I'd post the pattern title for you but, truly, it is written so poorly (missing pattern pieces, other pattern pieces the wrong size) that I wouldn't recommend it.

Getting all the selvages centered and sewn together on a foundation just the way I wanted them took several hours and the bag construction took several more but I just love it! Hope it inspires you to save your selvages and make something out of them!

Thank you, as always Judy, for allowing us to show off our wares!