Friday, January 25, 2013

On My Needles

This is my first post on Judy Laquidara's "Patchwork Times" website under this theme. Why? Because I'm a quilter, not a knitter. At least until last week! I took the plunge (and Judy's challenge) and tried knitting a sock and had such success, I'm already certain I'm hooked on knitting socks!

So, I finished one sock and am on the second. . . only thing is, I'm going to run out of yarn that I probably bought 5 years ago. Since this was only going to be a 'learning' sock, I'm fine with the fact that the final 1/3 of the second sock will not match the first one--LOL!

Question for all you experienced knitters: I used thicker-than-sock-weight yarn with #3 DP needles for this pair casting on 40 stitches which was perfect. Now I want to try a sock weight yarn with #1 needles for the next pair. How do I figure out how many stitches to cast on and follow the great Staci Perry pattern I used? If I end up casting on 60 stitches for example, do I just increase each stitch number in the instructions like I would if I was increasing recipe ingredients? Thanks in advance for your help!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Very First SOCK!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Judy Laquidara! After reading dozens of your enthusiastic blog posts where you're knitting or talking about knitting socks, your recent one suggesting that if we want to learn to knit them, we should just get in there and TRY, I finally did it! I Googled "knitting socks on double-point needles" and found a you-tube series by Staci Perry at After finding suitable yarn and needles in a stash of yarn WAY bigger than I ever thought I owned, (I've knitted a lot of scarves!) I was on my way.

The videos were so easy to understand and wonderfully filmed. After printing out the pdf pattern, I sat and knitted for hours! I actually finished one whole sock and was so proud of myself! And I only took a couple of small breaks. . .

. . .  and that's where the problem lies. Only I could injure myself while knitting! I woke up the next morning with a painful knot under my right shoulder blade that rendered me useless for the whole day. My compassionate husband heated the 'rice pack' over and over for me, ran me a hot bath and forced me not to knit or sew all day. I wanted to finish that other sock so badly but he was right, I needed to take a long rest.

It's now 2 days later and my knot is about 90% gone so I tried to knit for an hour this afternoon. Bad idea. I've made an appointment for a massage. . . and promised my husband I'd lay off the obsessive behavior for several days.

But isn't it CUTE?!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Round Robin

First you need to know I did not make this quilt. This is a Round Robin-- a center block and 3 'rounds' have been put on it, so far. My job is to come up with the 4th and final 'round'.

The original center block was put on point and the red triangles and applique flowers were added. Then the wonderful, multi-colored braid was applied, then came  that very difficult and effective diamond border. Now it's my turn.

I'm thinking there needs to be something black in the center of each border (maybe an appliqued blackbird?) with the some of the red at the corners (which I have very little of) and maybe a multi-colored pattern in between (squares?) or should it be a single fabric in between?

I wish I had more of the fabrics that were used in the previous borders but I don't and I hate to use just 'same-colored' fabric. The center of the original block is an Australian print which I have some of and maybe that will just be some of the multi-colored addition.

What would YOU add to finish this quilt? Your suggestions would be appreciated.

I wonder if Judy has ever been part of a round-robin :-) Check out her blog to see