Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Round Robin

First you need to know I did not make this quilt. This is a Round Robin-- a center block and 3 'rounds' have been put on it, so far. My job is to come up with the 4th and final 'round'.

The original center block was put on point and the red triangles and applique flowers were added. Then the wonderful, multi-colored braid was applied, then came  that very difficult and effective diamond border. Now it's my turn.

I'm thinking there needs to be something black in the center of each border (maybe an appliqued blackbird?) with the some of the red at the corners (which I have very little of) and maybe a multi-colored pattern in between (squares?) or should it be a single fabric in between?

I wish I had more of the fabrics that were used in the previous borders but I don't and I hate to use just 'same-colored' fabric. The center of the original block is an Australian print which I have some of and maybe that will just be some of the multi-colored addition.

What would YOU add to finish this quilt? Your suggestions would be appreciated.

I wonder if Judy has ever been part of a round-robin :-) Check out her blog to see


Karen said...

When I did a round robin The final round was done by referring back to the I would suggest more black and something with curves or round. I did some blocks similar to those in a New York beauty, which would give you the round as well as spikes. ,looks great !!! Karen also from California.

sophie said...

I think your instincts to include black and some of that aboriginal print from the center in the final border. I also like the idea of some appliqué so that those appliqué flowers in round two aren't so lonely. I think some sort of circle block would make great cornerstones.

It's a lovely round robin quilt--I'm sure the owner is going to love it when it comes home to them.

Sylvia said...

I like the idea of something black. I would suggest something calmer than the busy piecing of the previous 2 rounds.

Rhonda said...

This is such a beautiful quilt so far. Yes, black is needed again and I also agree that some applique work to the flowers near the center is needed....maybe some vines to tie in the roundness of the center.

AnnieO said...

It is a WoW quilt and your ideas seem right on. I agree with the need for more applique and like the idea of adding the red and black. Me, I would go with a simpler background so the applique is more prominent. You have good instincts!

Sandy said...

How about turning the whole thing on point again to echo the center?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about adding some curves Austrailin prints too, I think that curves would soften the previous rounds and tie it to the center. It is a stunning quilt.