Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Doing It. . . !

After years of watching others produce amazing, one-of-a-kind, scrappy (my favorite!) colorful, stash-busting quilts from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mysteries, I've jumped on the Quilt Train to success and joined them! Quiltville will post a new mystery clue every Friday starting November 18th for 7-8 weeks and you need to keep up!

If you are familiar with Bonnie's mysteries, they are not for the faint at heart!! There's lots and lots. . . and LOTS of work to do. (For example, the first clue is to make 224, 2 1/2" quarter square triangles!! Yes, that means the triangles are cut from 1 1/2" strips--OH, MY!)

As you can see, I've got them started--in fact, I have 211 finished at this writing! Should be finished by tomorrow. Are you going to join me? I'll bet there are a lot of comments about this mystery on Judy's Design Wall Monday post today--go see!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


      I've missed two DWMs in a row! Oh, I've been sewing a lot but only on projects that I have to keep under wraps from the two quilting groups I'm in. One is a quilt that will be revealed to the group on December 11th and the other two, one Row-Robin and one art quilt project, not until mid-January. Yes, I do like to begin early and give myself plenty of time to relax before a project is due rather than what I hear so much from my quilting buddies--that they were madly finishing up the binding at 2am on the day it's due! Sooo not my style!
     This is a 'Lil Twister quilt that turned out to be
60" X 70" and all I used was 1 Layer Cake and a yard of background! I made a template that was 7" and after cutting everything, I ended up with a Charm Pack's worth of fabric left over. I cut those charm squares in half, joined them to the same sized background pieces, and that made the border you see here. This will make a wonderful give-away quilt for the next time a community group asks me for an auction item.
    I'll tell you, I'm hooked on these 'Lil Twister quilts! So easy and quick to make--and aren't they great looking?
    What do you have on your design wall this week? Did you post it on Judy's website for us all to see?