Monday, September 13, 2010

Someone else's 'design wall' today

Cover Narrative.jpgI'm traveling on the east coast for a couple of weeks so have nothing to show on my design wall--however, that does not mean I'm not steeping myself in sewing and quilting along the way! Today I'll be visiting the Folger Museum on Nantucket Island, MA to see the Susan Boardman exhibit of the most exquisite hand work imaginable! When I first saw these works in a magazine, I thought I was looking at applique on quilts that were quite large. Oh, no! These are completely hand worked with fine gold and other threads, tiny beads and accouterments on very small incredible works. This is a photo of the front of her book documenting the lives of 'notable Nantucket women" many of them whaling ship captain's wives, left for years at a time while their husbands were off at sea. This 'quilt' is less than 14" x 16" and every stitch is hand wrought with single strand silk thread and a beading needle! I'm so lucky to be able to see these works of cloth arts in person.