Saturday, January 8, 2011

My First Stash Report

    The Stash Report on Judy's blog always intimidated me and I never posted. When I read the last Stash Report post of the year and saw that some people had purchased hundreds of yards of fabric (and USED hundreds of yards of fabric), I decided i needed to see what my totals were. (I'm secretly trying to convince my husband that I really don't buy THAT much fabric!) I'm desperate to lighten up the stash I've been accumulating for 15 years so I'm going to be good and buy fabric only when I absolutely HAVE to. Judy's stash report is going to help me do just that!
    And so, here is my first post of totals:
    Yardage purchased this week: 4.25
    Yardage purchased year to date: 4.25
    Yardage used this week: 11.5
    Yardage used year to date: 11.5
    Net used 2011: 7.25


ANudge said...

So your net total yr to date so far is 7.25 yards. Way to go! Way ahead of me.

Charlene S said...

You are enhancing with new up-dated color ways while using up old out-dated colorways. wink! That's my story and I am sticking to it!