Monday, August 2, 2010

Design Table Monday

In a couple of hours, I'm attending a "Celebration of Life" at our local arboretum for my dear friend, Lee who passed away last week after asking me to finish her 2 quilts for her daughter and niece. I haven't been in a particularly productive mood for a couple of days and have been moping around just being sad.

Lee's unfinished heart blocks which were on my wall last week are on my cutting table at the moment. I found out that this was to be a "mended hearts" quilt and had to change my idea about how Lee wanted the quilt to go together. (I wondered why she had a pile of 8 1/2" squares of batting cut along with a pile of red and black polka dot squares 8 1/2" squares).

Never having put together a quilt like this, I found a description of it online (what CAN'T you get online!) and am in the process of sewing different decorative stitches in bright colors across each sandwiched block--polka dot back, batting and heart top square.

Once that is done, you stack a light background block with a dark background block and slice them any which way, then zig-zag them together so one side is dark and one light. It's a "quilt-as-you-go" process so when you get done zig-zagging the rows together, all you do is bind it and you're done.

I'm sure after tonight's memorial, I'll have the spirit I need to get going a little faster on this wonderful quilt.


QuiltSwissy said...

The hearts of all quilters are with you tonight. It will be tough, but you have the quilt to go home and shed tears on.

I agree with you about the copy stuff. If you read the QN article, the derivitives can be anything that you make after you view someone's quilt. And if that is the case, we'd all be in jail now!

glen: those hearts are beautiful

Barbara said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. You will be giving her daughters a priceless gift. Those are beautiful quilt blocks.

greg said...

Finishing up your friend's quilts is a beautiful way to remember her. I'm sure that her daughter and niece will be very appreciative!