Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Quilt Finished!

Is there any better feeling than finishing a quilt? My daughter's wonderful friend is expecting her third child next month. I made quilts for her first two and she says they won't go to sleep without them. Well, how can I NOT make one for baby III? I took a panel meant to be made into a book with Mother Goose rhymes, cut them out and inserted pinwheels for the sashing. Of course, a plush Minkee is on the back--nothing else will do for a baby quilt!

I'm a member of a 7-quilter group who has decided to do a Row Robin. This is the first of the rows and  I wanted mine to be a summery, bright one. Each of us will pass our row, every other month, to another person in the group until we have 7 rows that we will then, each put together as we wish.

So what did YOU make this week? Check out everyone's beautiful design walls on Judy's blog.


Beth said...

I love how you set the panel pieces. Don't you love when your gift quilts get USED? If anyone says to me " I'm putting this away for GOOD" AH! The kiss of death! No more quilts from ME! lol Your table runner is the same method as my star quilt (the one with the orange center!) GMTA!

Jennifer Woo said...

Glad you posted the picture of your round robin!! Looks fantastic. Have a bad cold so I was unable to sleep, started watching the clock at 3am. Thank goodness it is a holiday so I can catch up on rest today. Love the baby quilt!!

Margaret said...

Thanks for popping by my blog, Diane, and for your kind remarks. Your pink-and-green OBMQ is stunning! I'm still plugging away...! Your Row Robin is going to give someone a challenge; it too is lovely, and I know Baby III will carry his/her 'binkie' around just has his/her sibs have done.

Up here in -27C (not including the wind chill), I'm wishing I was in sunny California like you!

Rhonda said...

Hi there. I've become a "FOLLOWER" of your blog. I love the fabric photo you're holding on your sidebar. Are you a fan of Virginia Graves? Anyway, cute baby quilt. Little ones just warm your heart when you know they really love what you've made for them.
Great Robin Row. It will be exciting to see what happens next.
Take care.

LuAnn said...

Diane your Orca Bay quilt is just gorgeous! Wow. I couldn't keep up with it, but I'm working on it now. Your row robin will be a lot of fun. I have done several round robins and would like to do the rows sometime. Love the baby quilt, too! You have the greatest projects on your blog.