Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hand dyed treasures for my 2nd Design Wall Monday

I spent 3 days in a Ricky Tims / Alex Anderson / Libby Lehman quilt seminar last week. What an informative and entertaining time I had with 650+ other quilters-- and there wasn't a sewing machine in site! I learned so many fun tips, tricks and techniques and saw so many fabulous quilts, I don't know which ones I'm going to try first!

There was a lot of stuff for us to buy in Ricky's 'store' but the biggest draw for everyone was the beautiful hand-dyed fabrics that Ricky Tims produces. They're pricy, ($27 a yard) but when you see Ricky's amazing quilts, you just have to buy some and attempt something with them yourself.

So this week I've put them up on my design wall for inspiration. Sometime soon, I hope you will recognize them in a fabulous new project of mine!


Anonymous said...

Awesome colors! Next Monday, tell us about the thrill of cutting into them and turning them into something even MORE awesome! --Julie DavisQuilter

Jennifer said...

Makes me wish I had purchased some of that fabric!! Oh, well!! If only my own hand dyed fabric retained those beautiful bright colors.

Vivian said...

Those truly are beautiful fabrics. I am curious about the mini quilt portrait you are holding up in the photo. Did you make it? I took an on-line class and have one of my daughter put together and ready to stitch. But I never stitched it. I am scared of messing it up. I guess I need to retake the class and jump in. Would love to hear the story behind your quilt. Perhaps that could be a blog post for you.

AnnieO said...

My sister and I went to one of Ricky's great seminars a few years purchased hand dyes are still lovingly folded in a bag. Can't bear to use them!