Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stash Busting Time!

    This week I managed to put backs on 2 quilts so used 8.5 yards of fabric from my stash! Backs are great stashbusters, aren't they? There was a time when, every time I'd run across a $4 or $5 per yard sale rack, If buy 5-8 yards of some not-so-beautiful fabric, but nonetheless, in "my colors" to use on the back of some future quilt. When I remodeled my sewing room last year, I found I had 41 of these bulky wads stacked on my precious shelves!! E-gads, what was I 'saving' them for? They are going to be used nicely this year because of Judy's UFO challenge and also the UFO challenge I have going at my quilt guild. YAY!
So, my stash report is as follows:
    Yardage purchased this week: 0
    Yardage purchased year to date: 4.25
    Yardage used this week: 8.5
    Yardage used year to date: 20
    Net used 2011: 15.75


Tamera said...

Nice numbers!

Jennifer Woo said...

Fantastic!! I am scared to keep track of what I buy! I was at Cloth Carousel yesterday afternoon, yikes, don't ask what I bought; although it was mainly fabric for the 2009 BOM and the rest for the Eagle quilt.