Sunday, March 6, 2011

Working on my UFO for March!

I'm really proud of myself for (so far) keeping up with Judy's UFO Challenge! I organized a UFO Challenge for my quilt guild a couple of years ago and never once finished a project. I guess when someone else does it, it works better. (Or, I just want Judy to like ME as much as I like HER! LOL)
I do my own quilting on my regular machine but I almost never mark anything--I just quilt where it takes me; stippling, leaves, hearts, swirls, stuff like that. This one though, I felt really needed to be marked and quilted with some traditional and elegant patterns. You can see the blue markings on this one. I'm happy that my calendar suggests I'm going to have time to actually get this done this month!

I'm also hand appliqueing the BOM at Anne Sutton's website:
"Henreitta Whiskers". Really love this little squirrel!
Block number 3 was posted yesterday and I've
almost finished it already!

Now I'll go see what everyone else has on their design walls on Julys blog!


Jennifer Woo said...

I should have done the UFO Challenge but I have far more then 10 or 12!! I am just trying to get them done, one at a time. Giving another try at machine quilting. The tension looks good so that is working and so far i have to say it looks great. I will post a picture next week and let you know how well it goes.

Chris said...

I am not doing the UFO challenge (I am doing the PhD challenge instead) but I am really enjoying seeing all the great projects :)

Maya said...

Good progress on your UFOs! This is going to be a very pretty quilt.

Mary said...

I like where you're headed with your quilting design. I think you'll be pleased when this is finished.

Marti said...

I really like your Christmas quilt. I should have done the UFO challenge too, and I guess it's not too late, but I'm still trying to get my stash sorted. I'm not sure where all my UFO's are. But you go girl!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your quilting so far! How great that you are keeping up with the challenge! I haven't found my March project yet!