Monday, April 11, 2011

My newest WIP

How to go from this . . . .                                
1 Layer Cake with 6" border

I tried out a Lil' Twister ruler with a 

Charm Pack last week (here) and loved it. So I 
made a 7 1/2" template and tried it with a 
 Layer Cake.
(don't you just love the Moda "Salt Box
Harvest" fabric?) 

After you finish cutting all the 'wonky' 
blocks you're left with 42, 5 1/2"
squares (a Charm Pack!!) to create 
the border. This quilt measures about 62"x 65. 
It's a very quick and satisfying project, 
I'll tell you! 
I know, I know; now I have another UFO!!   
I also worked on a couple of hand-applique 
projects which I'll show you next week.
Thanks, Judy, for giving us the opportunity
to show our stuff here

 to this?
Add a 7 1/2" Lil' Twister ruler (or equivalent)


Jennifer Woo said...

That border is fantastic!! Next time we get together can you bring the small Lil Twister with, I think in order for me to figure it out, I need to see the tool!! I am more visual I think. Love the colors of this one and I dug out my box of charm packs yesterday and would love to start using them up!!

Bonnie said...

I love the stuff I've seen made with the little twister. It is amazing all the different things you can do with it. Your border looks so neat. Did you just come up with it? Now, I really need to use the fabs I pulled to make one of these ... I just have to add enough to it so it is a decent size. Thanks for sharing.

sophie said...

The Twister rulers are the first specialty ruler I've purchased in a long time. I was surprised by the waste, since few people who have blogged their quilts mention it, but I think the ruler is BRILLIANT.

Now, I just have to find the time to make a twister myself ;-)

QuiltSwissy said...

So you took your charm pack and made a basic top. THEN you cut into it with that new ruler. And it went back together as the twisters.

Amazing. I need to get one of those rulers, it makes it so much easier.

glen: I am always amazed at what people come up with.

Karen said...

I like the colors you have selected.

Chris said...

Great quilt. The border is wonderful and the fabrics yummy.

Sandy said...

Love the border too. This is a wonderful use of what people consider "wasted" fabric after cutting the twists. Beautiful piece!!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Cute twist :0)
and I'm glad I'm not the only one who "plays around" and creates more UFOs....

Jennifer said...

Like your twister and especially the border!

Debbie said...

Another UFO...after are a rabid quilter! Who could resist such a quick project when it looks so great when you're done? I gotta check that little ruler out myself.

LuAnn said...

Diane...It looks just great. Love the colors and the border just makes the quilt.

Melinda said...

Very cool. I know I am going to love mine if it comes out half as well as yours. Great job.