Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can You Say "Retreat"?!

I spent 2 1/2 days at a quilting retreat in McCloud Calif this weekend--near the unbelievably beautiful, snow-covered Mt. Shasta. Twenty-six women (18 in our group) worked on this mystery quilt. Do you like it? Actually, the mystery quilt design was quite a bit different than this but I always have to put my spin on things and this is what I came up with. I really like it!

This retreat was in an historic hotel/mercantile so our charming rooms (all of them entirely different and wonderful), restaurant and huge meeting room were under one roof with no restrictions on how late or early we could sew. If you haven't quilted at a retreat in your jammies, it's high time you did!!

Because I'm a fast quilter, I always bring a few extra projects.

I'm attending a 1st birthday party at the end of the month for my daughter's best friend's baby. Her cousin, who's more like a sister to her, is celebrating her 5th birthday. I made the baby's dress (on the left) and a coordinating top for the 5-year old on the right. I also made coordinating shoes and a hat for the baby but don't have a photo.

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Mary said...

I love quilting retreats and the setting for this one sounds wonderful. The recipient of the little outfits you made is going to look adorable in them.

Sue Daurio said...

Love the quilt. I've never been to a retreat, but I have quilted in my jammies. The dress and shirt are just too cute for words. They are going to look adorable together!

AnnieO said...

McCloud sounds like a perfect place to enjoy scenery while quilting! Great job on the mystery quilt, it is very pretty.

Adorable baby and little girl clothes. You are fast, indeed!

Jennifer Woo said...

Fantastic!! Next time I am going to do the mystery retreat!! Sounds like a blast and a bit more of a challenge than my retreat. I love your design!!

Debbie said... must be a quick sewer...I feel the need to sew girls clothing after seeing those adorable outfits.

Marti said...

I've never been to a quilting retreat but it sounds like fun. Your mystery quilt looks great, and your baby clothes are wonderful as usual. Lucky little girls.

Gari said...

I love your quilt. The fabrics are unusual, to me, but they go together so well.