Sunday, September 25, 2011

Name Tag Project

On Saturday I got together with my quilting buddies, the Calendar Girls, with the intent on making 100 name tags for our quilt guild to use at our annual quilt show. Every year, we all make new name tags that depict the theme and colors of our quilt show. In the past, we've just put fabric, batting, backing, a pin back and directions to make the name tag into a baggie for everyone but this year, we actually pieced the front of it, a big job with lots of tiny pieces--the name tag finishes at less than 4" square.

We love to get together for any reason but  having a production line and putting these kits together will make a lot of people in our guild happy!

I do have something on my design wall and worked quite a bit on it but I can't reveal it to my quilting group until December so it will have to remain a surprise.

Go to Judy's blog to see what everyone else
has on their wall!

Happy quilting!!!

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LuAnn said...

Hi Diane What a lot of work, but those are so much cuter than just a solid piece of fabric for a name tag. I know you will get a lot of positive feedback when people see just how tiny all of these pieces are.