Monday, September 12, 2011

Out Of Town

I'm on vacation--woo-hoo--in my favorite place in the world--Nantucket, Massachusetts. My husband and I come here almost every year in September to celebrate our anniversary, explore the island and the wonderful restaurants here. I don't tote my sewing machine with me but I did bring a bit of hand applique to do if I have time. So while I can't show you my design wall, I can show you the quilt-related items I bought the other day--and I think you'll love them!

I attended the Brimfield Antique Festival in Brimfield, MA. The things I'd read about the show were almost unbelievable--5,000 vendors and over a mile long but it was no exaggeration! There's something for everyone, and quilters are no exception.

 This crazy quilt has 81 hand-embroidered names and ages (!) on it and in the center it says "Made for H. Wales Leines from the members of the Masonic Home, Christmas 1908". There are some condition issues with the satin and silk fabrics but that's to be expected. It really is in remarkable shape. An interesting element is the little red 'bows' you see in the black squares. They tied the quilt with pearl cotton around tiny red ribbons and they look like little bows! Very sweet!
 The other quilt is a lovely example of a 2-color quilt, hand-pieced and meticulously hand-quilted with teensy stitches. When I heard what the vendor wanted for them I almost gave myself away but in the spirit of the flea market, I bartered him down even a little more! I'd expected to pay 3 times what I did.
Can you see the error in the quilt? Do you suppose the quilter put it there on purpose? I do!

Oh, I also found something I've secretly wanted for years--RED cowboy boots. They're great, leather boots and were only $40! My husband laughed and laughed but loved them on me!
Did YOU post something from your design wall on Judy's blog?


LuAnn said...

Hi Diane....Sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy!

marcella said...

What fun things you've found. Years ago I had a pair of red cowboy boots and I loved them! Hope you have lots of fun with yours.

Jennifer Woo said...

Wow, did you purchase both the quilts? Really! Fantastic! I LOVE the boots, I would kill for a decent pair of cowboy boots but neer really spent too much time looking. I love the error in the one quilt! I heard that you are susposed to make one error so people know it is handmade. Enjoy your trip and thanks for the input on the blocks. I am working on sashing fabric for Florabunda, I need to purchase more of the red color. Erin Russick did the half square blocks like I did in my last quilt for her sashing but I may do rails with corner stones.....still thinking about it.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I love all of these, boots included!