Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Row Quilt

Have you ever done a Row Quilt? It's sort of like a Round Robin except instead of making a block and having a few borders sewn around it, you make a row and everyone else makes a row to go with it. Then, you put all the rows (usually 5 or 6) together and finish it. My Spring Chicks group started a Row Robin a couple of months ago and we had an exchange of our first rows recently. First, here's the one I made for Betsy: Her original row is on the top and the one I made, with the apple trees and fence, is on the bottom. She wanted houses and paper-pieced elements.


In this photo, Julie holds the row she made (on top) with my original row on the bottom. I just LOVE the kitties she made for me!!! These are MY kitties--Bobo and Tippy. It will be a bright, fun wall hanging for my foyer!

In my last post, you saw the center of this "owl" quilt I've been commissioned to make for my daughter's best friend's little girl. I've added the borders and am in the process of quilting it.  ***Thanks to Judy for treating us to Design Wall Monday!***


AnnieO said...

I've always wanted to make a Row by Row quilt and your Row Robin sounds wonderful. The kitties are pretty stylin' in their sunglasses :)

Great space around the Owl Tree to play in!

Jennifer Woo said...

Working hard on the next row I see...I was side tracked with another project but will get back in gear tomorrow...when I remember to bring the project to work so I can work on it at lunch. LOVE the owl quilt!!