Sunday, June 17, 2012

Retreat Time!

Just returned from a 3-day retreat to the cool mountains of northern California! The high was 70 degrees and when I tell you that it was 93 degrees when I got home, you'll know how welcome the 40 degree chill at night up there was!

This was a mystery class with Linda Ballard and it was the 12th retreat I've gone on with her along with my dozen quilting buddies. Of course, we bring other projects along and stay up late and get up early to work on them while enjoying WAY too much food and fun !

I really love this mystery quilt and only had to do a little border work after I got home to complete the top. This, I vow, will NOT become a UFO!

One of the many fun things Linda asks us to do on a retreat is make a 9" block for a drawing. This time it was to be "any color batik on a white background". I was the lucky winner of 11 of these blocks! Watch what I do with them in a future DWM post!

Have fun looking at all the other design walls on Judy's blog!


Jennifer Woo said...

Beautiful blocks you won Diane!! You will make the quilt a winner. I love the mystery quilt, just beautiful. Are you enjoying the 104 degrees of the past couple of days?

ANudge said...

How cool is that! Congrats on your win. I'm sure you'll make a wonderful quilt out of them. I like the first one too. Is that the Dolly Madison block?