Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quilt Trail--Barn Blocks

Have you ever seen those big (8 foot square) quilt blocks hanging on the sides of barns or other buildings around? I was happily surprised by just that in Lake County, California this weekend--Clear Lake to be exact--where I was giving a lecture on antique quilts.  I've seen these colorful displays on trips to the east coast but I didn't know we had them in California anywhere!

Driving to the local State Park for a little hike, I glanced over and shouted to my husband, "LOOK!!" He knew to stop for a photo! A few miles further and there was another one! I hightailed it to the local quilt shop (Kerri's in Lakeport, delightful!) and she had a map  of 3 dozen quilt blocks around the lake! We saw about 10 of them on our trip.

I've always wanted a quilt block on the side of our house and we have a great place for one. I even know the block I'd use--Bear's Paw. See, my husband is the 4th generation graduate of Cal Berkeley and they are The Bears. You can only imagine how many bears in the form of t-shirts, welcome mats, car stickers, yard carvings, ball caps, etc there are in our house and my FIL's house! What block would YOU choose to hang on your house or barn?

I know this is not exactly design wall stuff but I thought you'd find it interesting. And I didn't think Judy would mind. Head on over to the other talented quilters who've followed the rules an actually photographed their design walls!


Patrica said...

That is so awesome. I'm putting this on our travel list it's so close to us.

Sue Daurio said...

I love the barn blocks. We have a map of the area and where they can seen out here in farm country. I don't have a barn but I have a shed and my grand son and I started a 4x4 block for our Shed Square :)