Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vintage to Wearable

Although I have a lot of quilts in progress, I made a garment this week. Lately I've been trying something new--making garments out of old tablecloths and such. I took a stamped, 60s California tablecloth and made this blouse/jacket out of it. Because the cloth was only 36" X 42", it was quite a puzzle to make the top big enough to fit me while getting the images on to the pattern to form a pleasing design. I scoured the fabric stores to find modern fabric similar enough to the vintage fabric of the tablecloth to make the transition and include facings.

Fusible web was used on cut-outs of the small amount of leftover tablecloth fabric and sewn on, raw-edged, to the back. I couple this top with light blue crop pants for a vintage, summary outfit.

I can see this becoming an obsession! I've bid on and won several interesting vintage linens from eBay to try some more garment-making.

Look for more traditional quilting than this on Design Wall Monday on Judy's new and improved blog!


Jennifer Woo said...

Wow, your description did not do this justice! Just fantastic. I do love the old time graphics.

Nann said...

Love it!
I saw a dress made from a vintage table cloth and thought, "I could make that!" But first I had to have a tablecloth.....Fifteen years later, I've made one jacket....and acquired a boatload of vintage household linens!