Monday, July 13, 2015

Rewards For My Row By Row

For those of you who have an inkling to join the Row By Row experience, ( there IS a reward: If you put a quilt together with at least 8 rows, bound and labeled, and are the first to turn it in to one of the 2,500 quilt shops in the U.S participating in this fun event through September 8th, you will win what I won last week: 25 fat quarters!!!

Here's my quilt, from rain-strapped California, with a poem I made to go with its rainbow theme: Rain, rain, Come and Stay, Send a Rainbow, Make My Day!
These rows are from quilt shops in order:
Meissner's, Sacramento CA
Thistle Dew, Fair Oaks, CA
New Moon Textiles, Pasadena CA
Fabric Garden, Sacramento CA
Thimble Town, Visalia CA
Totally Tina's Quilt Shop, Porterville CA
Quilter's Paradise, Clovis CA (left)
Calico Mermaid, Porterville CA (right)


homeschoolmommy said...

Gorgeous! I won a few days ago at my local quilt shop. Fun.

homeschoolmommy said... Here is the link to my row you asked for.

Jill said...

Congratulations on your win! I love your colorful quilt, and the poem is perfect!