Monday, August 31, 2015

Row, Row, Rowing!

How many of you are participating in this great, national quilting event? My buddies and I cannot get enough of it and it will be over in just over a week--September 8th! I've collected kits and license plates from 7 states myself and have swapped license plates with almost a dozen others so I'll have plates from about 20 states.

I purchased and made this adorable kit at a shop in Bonner's Ferry, Idaho and just love it! The border fabric has the word Yellowstone in it--purchased in Montana, of course.

I'd love to see what rows you all have put together!


Sherrill said...

Oh man, I've gotten way in over my head in this rowing!!! Do you belong to any of the swap groups on FB? I don't have any idea how many kits I have but have put a few together that are fused and stitched a couple others. Need to get busy!!! Love yours!

Bonnie said...

Earlier in the summer I had a great trip to northern Michigan (can you say spitting distance from Canada...) and really hadn't planned to do the row by row this year as I'm just getting the one from last year into a top. But I was met by my sister-in-law with 2 kits from up in that area and 2 more from my niece. So, hubby and I hit shops all the way back to Virginia. I now have way TOO many kits although I really love the ones I got. I haven't really gotten out to the stores in my area to pick them up. I better get a move on! Yours looks great.