Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 7 Stash Report

I led a double life this week: I was a good girl and a bad girl. I bought the backing for my husband's Civil War quilt (a California King!) but also started a new quilt totally from my stash (or rather, the stashes of my Spring Chicks group).

Let me explain. . . I needed 8 yards for the back of a huge quilt and really needed an appropriate Civil War-type fabric which I don't have in my stash. 8 yards! Found just what my DH wanted and found it online on sale!

I also got together with my 9-person quilting group and exchanged 2 1/2" strips to make quilts for the Sutter Hospital Breast Cancer Auction, held every 3 years. We'll be turning in 9 quilts before the cut-off date, September 1st. See the quilt I'm working on for it HERE.

My totals:
Fabric purchased this week: 8
Total fabric purchased this year: 27
Fabric used this week: 5.5
Total fabric used this year: 32.75
Net used: 5.75

I'm not proud of these totals but I plan to do better. . .yeah, next week. . . LOL!!


Tamera said...

Well, you're still in the black, so that's good.

Jo said...

Backing fabric is TOTALLY legal. How else can we complete projects?! Can't wait to see it...I love Civil War fabric!

Jennifer Woo said...

Backing fabric totally kills me. I have four quilts waiting to quilt and it is 8:00 on Sunday night. I may have to look on line as I don't seem to find the time during the week or on weekends.

Alycia said...

Be proud - you have still used more than you bought, and you husband NEEDS his own quilt!!

Totally justified!

Anonymous said...

That's a good report, and you're still ahead. You *have* to have the right backing -- especially for something as important as your DH's quilt! : Take care, Dianne B. in England