Monday, February 7, 2011

What's on my design wall?

I had a pretty prolific week! I finished the Mended Hearts quilt that my friend asked me to finish for her niece the day before she died. It took so long because I just didn't want to give it up! I felt her beside me every time I worked on it and knew when it was done, that I probably wouldn't feel that loving intensity again. But here it is and I know her niece is going to treasure it. I put a nice label on the back documenting the sad but loving story of Lee's desire to complete it for her.

I also worked on my quilt guild's challenge and it's almost done but can't post a photo of that one until the 'reveal' at the end of the month. Don't want to give away my design :-)

I'm also working on a BOM by Anne Sutton at Bunny Hill Designs and have kept up very nicely so far. It's only my 2nd applique quilt, a fall theme (my favorite time of year) and I'm loving it! Really need to get myself another applique project to work on in the evenings when I sit and watch TV with my husband.

So, what's on YOUR design wall this week? Take a look at Judy Laquadara's wonderful blog and see! (Don't you just LOVE to see everyone's post??!!)


Jennifer Woo said...

That heart quilt is beautiful!! I love the "broken" part of it.

Bonnie said...

The heart quilt is great -- I've got a collection of black and whites but I am thinking of using lime green with it. Nothing like a bunch of inspiration.

happydaysquilting said...

You have done a lovely job of finishing the quilt its beautiful!

Jo said...

Your hearts are cute. I am hoping to do a black and white quilt.

AnnieO said...

So sorry about your friend, but you must feel good that you have put your heart into her niece's quilt. It is beautiful.

Anne Sutton has such great designs. Have fun!

Alycia said...

Love that heart quilt, very sweet of you to send it on to the niece.