Monday, May 30, 2011

This Week's Project

I can't seem to stop making these fun 'Lil Twister projects! I saw it done as a mini quilt in a quilt shop in Sacramento last week made with 3" squares and a 2 3/8" 'ruler' (which I made with a cardboard

template). They had it framed in a beautiful, glass-front frame and I thought it would make such a lovely gift, country store or silent auction item!

Here's what it looked like with the squares sewn together, measuring 16" x 20"
. . . . and here's the finished product. It measures 12" x 16". (That is a regular, 45mm, rotary cutter there.)

Thanks to my email friend LuAnn for the
Charm Pack for this project!!

You can see my other 'Lil Twister projects  here and here.

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sophie said...

I bought one of the rulers a while ago, but haven't used it yet. Whenever I see a lovely twister quilt--like yours--I ask myself why not ;-)

Jennifer said...

Very cute, and it will look great in the frame.

LuAnn said...

You are very welcome for the charm pack. I just love what you've done with it.

Mary said...

Very pretty quilt!

Melinda said...

Cute little project. I have been wanting to try this.

Perry said...

love your twister quilts. I have the templates, just haven't used them yet. Also the border on one of the other ones you did is really neat!

Jennifer Woo said...

Nice job!! I love the mini idea as my small projects seem to grow to almost queen size before my eyes!! The colors are great!

Alycia said...

That is so cute!