Friday, July 1, 2011

This September wallhanging was the UFO I was supposed to finish in June. Didn't happen. It's a finished top and it's small and I didn't finish it. I'm duly ashamed of myself. I hate to see another September come without this to hang on my front door. . .

This is my #2 UFO, "12 Days of Christmas"
pattern by Nancy Halvorson from a couple of
years ago. It's also a top. Christmas in July!!
Oh joy!! Don't you just love working on
something for Christmas when it's 100 degrees
outside? Me either.

But it's a completed top and all I need to do is
pin it (the most dreaded part of the quilting process for me) and quilt it (not so dreaded).

I hope to be a better girl in July and finish this one but, since I'm going on an 11-day cruise in July and have 8 blocks to make for a block exchange on the 30th of July,
chances are I'm doomed for failure.

Best of luck to the rest of you though! Can't wait to see the successful quilters on Judy's blog on July 31st!


Donna~~ said...

I was feeling bad about your September wallhanging until I hit the word "cruise" and 11 days! Enjoy the cruise and do September in August!

JCnNC said...

Every step in the process is important to the outcome. You are not a failure - just taking your time to create your masterpieces. Judy C in NC

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Yeah - I was feeling sorry for you too until I got to the 11-day cruise part! ;)) Hope you have a GREAT time! And - instead of pin basting the top - try spray basting it. Might make the process a little less dreadful. Just a thought.