Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three Little Words Challenge

Three months ago, our Spring Chicks group decided to do a Three Little Words challenge. We all took little sheets of paper and wrote down 3 nouns, 3 colors and 3 themes. We each drew a slip of paper from each pile without looking and had to make a 16" x 20" quilt depicting our adaptation of these words. Here are the wonderful results:

 Jennifer's words were red, balloons and mosaic. Those balloons flying off in the sky were really a fun element.

Carolyn's words were Aquamarine, feather and summer. That's a feather fishing lure there--cute!

Doris's words were dark green, house and gardening. We didn't expect an out house in the woods! Too funny!!

Sherry's words were aubergine, grass and that special vacation. She used her embroidery machine to create the flowers she saw in Monet's garden on her 'special vacation' to Paris this spring.

Sandy's words were lime green, party and wildflowers. She'd just gone on a retreat with Mary Lou Wideman so her quilt was a riot of colors with the humorous words, "when wildflowers party".
Betsy's words were olive, fall and celebration. She loves sunflowers and this quilt depicts her joy of them for her fall birthday.

My words were aquamarine, the Queen of hearts and fireworks. I used a lot of Swarovski crystals for the fireworks witch may not show up too well in this photo. What a fun challenge! I want to do it again!!


ANudge said...

What a great idea - and what fabulous quilts turned out from them. Those ladies are so creative. Please post your link in Applique Thursdays (http://quiltingreadersgarden.blogspot.com ) tomorrow to show these to all my readers as they all seem to have applique in them of some sort.
Thanks so much for sharing them.

Quilter Kathy said...

What a fun challenge! And the results are spectacular...I loved looking at each quilt. What a talented bunch of friends you have!

Mary said...

The members of your Spring Chicks group out did themselves!