Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Color Palette Challenge

This is a stretch for me, that's what's so great about Judy's blog--she stretches us, challenges us, makes us better quilters!

I'm kind of choosy about my colors and there are certain colors I'm uncomfortable with but I decided I'm going to do this!

It looks like Judy's making a whole quilt each month but I can't do that so I have a plan: I'm going to make this same quilt block each month with the monthly color palette THEN make them into a quilt at the end of the year. This block is from one of my favorite books, "Knockout Blocks and Sampler Quilts" by Judy Martin. I feel the blocks in it are so different and original. With this particular block, I can use 5-6 different colors easily and I can't wait to see what the next month will bring! (In this photo it looks like I used black but it's really a really dark blue.)

Oh, and the best thing about this challenge: that we get to use all those fabrics from our stashes that are at the bottom of the stack, wondering when they're going to be chosen to appear in the next project! I have LOTS of those!! LOL!


Alycia said...

Oh that is wonderful!! Great stretch ;-)

Sharon-IN said...

You 'stretched' very well! And what a cool idea to make the same block out of each color palette to end up with a quilt at the end of the year. I'm doing kind of the same thing, using an old BOM pattern. So one block a month for me!

Jennifer Woo said...

Your idea sound great and I love the block!! Can't wait to see what happens. I am starting a Mystery BOM this month (P3Designs) and it looks like fun!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

It turned out great! I'm really enjoying this palette:)

Pattilou said...

Great idea. I'm running behind this month. Got my fabrics picked, but a quilt at this point seems way too over-the-top. A block would work. I was even looking in Liberated Quilt Making II and thinking about making some liberated choices rather than my first plan! Now to get that rib that was out of place to quit hurting so I can sit at the sewing machine!