Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Started Another One!

This is kind of a bad photo, just some of the pieces of a quilt I began today. Here's the story of why in the world I'd begin a new quilt when I have so many others to finish:

DH and I visited Portland, OR this past week and stayed with a friend who just moved up there. He's lived in California all his life except for a couple of years in college way back in the early 70s. He fell in love with Oregon and always wanted to move back and now that he's retired, did just that. His house has a wonderful view and he's doing a great job unpacking all his stuff and setting it up (he's a life-long bachelor).

He apologized for not having a proper 'guest room' bed, only a pull-out couch, and his blanket and pillow situation was quite meager but he promised that he'd get a proper bed by the next time we came to visit. If that isn't inspiration to make someone a quilt, I don't know what is!

This guy has been to Alaska many times and loves it there. Just so happens, I was on an Alaskan cruise last summer and bought all sorts of Alaskan-themed fabric in those great shops up there! PERFECT!!

What you see here is 3 of the 6 horizontal, fussy-cut rows and 2 of the 5 'stripe' horizontal sashing rows. Each of the 8" fussy-cut squares has some sort of Alaskan theme; whales, moose, bears, totems, etc. I'll be putting the top together tomorrow and hope to be able to send this off to him in a couple of weeks. I plan to put it in a big ol' box with a note saying "for when you buy your new guest bed." I think he'll love it!


Mary said...

What a nice gesture for a good friend. I know he will be thrilled.

Jennifer Woo said...

Wow, I love your quilt. It is so easy to make quilts for women and girls but men and boys are more difficult, with fabrics leaning toward pink and flowers. I love this one! Perfect for an out doors guy! Can't wait to see it finished.

Becky said...

Love the start. Could you email me about your Alaskan trip? I'm doing a cruise and don't want to miss any quilt shops!

heather said...

You are supposed to have an excuse for starting a new project in the midst of others? I thought it was sort of expected.

Bonnie said...

Great start and a great quilt. I'm sure he'll enjoy it.

Diane said...

I think he will love it too!
How could you not start a new quilt!