Sunday, August 26, 2012

Delightful Dresden

Several months ago on the Bunny Hill site, Anne Sutton shared her method of using Darlene Zimmerman's fun and easy Dresden Ruler to make these wonderful blocks. I looked for this ruler for months (I like to buy at quilt shops if I can) and finally found one. These blocks were so fun and easy to make with charm packs (of which I have more than I want to admit--it's a sickness). Each charm square makes 2 'blades' and you need 20 blades for each block. I used 40 charms from a Kaffe Facett charm pack and it went really fast.

Those circles in the center cover up the 'raw edges' of the blades and aren't sewn down yet as I'm auditioning colors, so they look a little crooked.

I might make this could be made into a long table runner for our new dining room table or a 2 X 2 configuration for a cute wall hanging (I'm kind of liking that interesting design in the 'negative space' in the center).  Either way, I'm going to title it "Dresden Kaffe". I auditioned several backgrounds and liked dark shades best.

--OK, it's Sunday night and I've made some great progress on this project--officially a tablerunner.
 What do you think about the background I chose? I wanted every piece to be Kaffe's fabric and I wanted it to be really "busy" and sort of "muddled".

I chose a purple binding (it isn't sewn down yet so looks a little wonky) but when I do, it will look great on our new dining room table!

You just have to try these Dresden Plates! Also try the other creative blogs on Judy's Design Wall Monday!


Jennifer Woo said...

LOVE THE TABLE RUNNER! The colors just pop against the blue background. It will look beautiful in your dining room. I also love making Dresden the way, I ripped out the borders of my Dresden Plate quilt on Sunday and am redoing it (yes I am anal). Could not stomach the corners!! I think I need therapy!! Quilters Anonymous??

Cathy Tomm said...

I keep thinking of doing a Dresden plate with my KF fabrics too. Love your runner.

Diane said...

love your fabrics.

Beth Probasco said...

Love your runner. I am currently cutting blades for a Dresden plate quilt done with dotty fabrics on black and white but I do like the Kaffee fabrics also. Beautiful.

* said...

Great runner. I have been trying to think of something I could make with dresdens (again) and you have given it to me. Yea!!

LuAnn said...

I just love those scrappy Dresdens! Beautiful table runner; love your background choice.

Missy Shay said...

It looks great, makes me wish I had chosen a fun background instead of white for my quilt!