Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Color Palette

I'm so glad Judy decided to give us this great challenge! I'm learning a lot about color and having fun scouring my stash for matches every month. This block, like all the rest I've made, has this month's colors in it. When we're all through, I'll make a quilt out of them all (see this post).

 If you have any suggestions as to how I should orient them within a quilt or if you thing I should put sashing (and if so what sort?), please let me know.


Sharon - IN said...

Great block as usual! This has to be my favorite palette so far - so bright and cheerful. How about if you sash your blocks in black - I think they would really pop!

Mina said...

I cant wait to see this finished. I have been following all year and I really like your idea of using the same block!